Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stinky old platelets

I don't get it. There is something crazy going on inside Olivia's body. Her platelets were 32,000 on Tuesday morning. She received platelets that afternoon and this morning they are back down to 25,000. So she lost all of the goodies they gave her and then some. How annoying. Anyway, they want us to wait until tomorrow to come in and tank up so she will have a better chance of making it through the weekend without another transfusion. When I talked with the nurse this morning and asked why this is happening, she said there is some process going on in her bone marrow that is causing her to use up the platelets she has and that her bone marrow isn't producing any new ones. So, is this the leukemia? I would think her other cell lines would be low also (hemoglobin and white count). Is there something else going on? Who knows. I just hope we can get through the day with no major bleeding issues!
The GI doctor also called and rescheduled the impedance test for next Tuesday. As of now, we have the ENT appointment on Monday afternoon, the 24-hour impedance test on Tuesday/Wednesday, and then to the eye doctor as soon as we get discharged. She be a fun-filled week! Thank goodness for Grandmas and Grandpas! My mom didn't have school today in honor of good old Abe's b'day, so she is here hanging out and entertaining the kids. You would think I would try to be productive, but instead I'm just enjoying the company. I'll be sure to post sometime after we get home tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

We will pray that things go well this weekend for you and especially next week. I'd have enjoyed the company too!

Anonymous said...

It's Kara in Dixon again, and I think about all of you often. I had tears streaming down my cheeks reading your blog and trying to imagine what all of you go through. You have such a calmness and peacefulness about you and the way you speak of your children is absolutely heartwarming. I know you don't really know me but you are all such an inspiration!!!! As always, you and your entire family are in my prayers.