Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The 13 Calories

Entertaining story...Brooklyn just walked in from school. I asked her to tell me one thing she learned today. They happen to be learning about the American flag. It has 50 stars for the 50 states and 13 stripes for the 13 calories!
God love 'em!

Odds and Ends

The excitement of getting an offer on the house is dwindling. The inspections went okay, but the buyers want all of the basement windows replaced, a new electrical box, and GFCI outlets put in the bathrooms, kitchen, and outside (whatever that means). Ugh. We're talking thousands of dollars here. Zac wants to say "not a chance," but we really, really need to sell this house! They are getting some estimates from electricians this week, so we'll see where that goes. Oxygen concentrator, feeding pump, pulse oximeter, plus all of our everyday stuff? I would love to tell them that about all the things we had plugged in and running in that house and we never had a fire, but I doubt that will go too far.
Otherwise, all is well here. We are definitely enjoying the weather. We all had a great spring break with lots of play dates, a trip to the zoo, movies, and sleepovers. It wasn't too hard to get the kids up and moving yesterday, since they are both such big fans of school.
Zac and I went back to Macomb on Friday night to see the school musical. They did "The Music Man" and it was a good performance. Ben (our pastor's son in Macomb) had the lead and he did an awesome job. We got to see the whole family, which was awesome. They are awesome people and were one of my really significant connections to Macomb. We didn't go to the house. Driving by was good enough for me. We did make a stop at Jackson Street Pub for dinner (love that place) and stopped by to visit some friends, too.
I'm obviously still trying to play "catch up" on the blog. I haven't forgotten about Easter, I just want to find some pictures to put along on that post. Until then...