Thursday, September 23, 2010

Miss Livvy's B'day

I was looking at pictures today and realized I never blogged pictures from Olivia's b'day party!  Silly me.  We kept it low key this year and just had some cake and ice cream.  Grandma C., Aunt Amy, and Cousin Alais stopped by after they went to visit Liv's at the cemetery and we sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed some cake.  Afterwards, Zac, the kids and I went to get some ice cream and go see Livvy, too.  This year went so much better for all of us than last year.  It doesn't get better, but it does get a little easier, I guess. 

Brooklyn still thought she should share her ice cream with Olivia!
What a great big sister!


Jack has officially started football. 

You would think that being the wife of a former football player and coach would make this an exciting time for me.  Let's just say it's a work in progress. 
I went to get Jack from a practice back in August and I was ready to pull him off the field and bring him home.   It was 90-some degrees, the coaches were making them run like crazy, and the poor little guys looked just miserable.  Keep in mind this was all before full pads and tackling.  I told Zac I wouldn't be able to attend any more practices or Jack might have to "quit" the team.  Because Jack lives and breathes baseball, he wasn't too fond of it at first either. 
Luckily, things have gotten better.  I haven't attended any more practices (if so, I just wait in the car).  Games have started and we are all loving it!  Zac informed me that it would get better for Jack (and for me) once the games began, and he was actually right.  Go figure.  Anyway, the Eagles lost their first game (you could tell the kids had some first game jitters) and they won last weekend!  He's been playing defense and has made some good tackles, in my humble opinion.  Jack thinks he is super cool because he gets to wear his jersey to school every Friday and he got to ride in the Homecoming parade.  I'll leave you with some pictures from the first game for your viewing pleasure...
By the way, Zac is helping coach, so he is in hog heaven with all of this.  Many parents have come up to me and expressed their appreciation for Zac's enthusiasm.  He tries really, really hard to get the kids pumped up when they make a good play, but they really just look at him like he's crazy.  Quite honestly, it's very entertaining to watch him jump up and down get all excited.  I guess I do like football.