Sunday, May 23, 2010

The perfect day.

We had an absolutely perfect day.

Well, except for our trip here,

but that's a whole other story and we'll get to that later!

We started off our day going to church and Sunday school. Then we came home and started digging.

My parents and my grandma were able to join us and helped out with the planting...We got some special little trinkets to put on the tree, too!
Livvy has her own little tree, with lots of little angels hanging from it, and some cute things to surround it!

Grandma gave us this little turtle, too and it fits perfectly!

We ended our afternoon with a trip to the cemetery to take Livs a pinwheel and some flowers.
We all said our favorite memory and thanked Livvy for everything she's done for us! between the tree planting and the cemetery visit...

this happened:

That's my mom.

My dad went out to get some lunch for everyone, and Zac, Jack and my mom were playing baseball. Zac, being the fair guy that he is, hit a pop fly to my mom. She caught it, lost her balance and next thing I hear is:

"Get some ice! Don't look at it, Connie! We're going to the hospital."

Zac swooped my mom into the car, I took off, Jack took over in the house and called my dad so he would meet us there and we were off.

She broke it pretty good. They splinted it up for the night and she goes in tomorrow for surgery around 2:00. Luckily, she's not in a lot of pain. I kept telling her this was a great distraction for us today, and where would I rather be on this particular day, but in a hospital!

Zac felt pretty bad. I was thankful it wasn't Jack that did it, because he would have felt HORRIBLE.

There is a reason it happened today that we may never know...but it sure did give me some good blogging material!
I also have to apologize for the pictures. I lost the battery charger for my "good" camera, so I've been using my old one. It seems to have a big blurry spot in al the pictures...makes me crazy, but obviously not crazy enough to actually search for the battery charger!

Olivia Grace

One year ago today, we said good-bye to our sweet little girl. She taught us so much about life and love and truly fulfilled her purpose here on Earth. As much as we miss her, we thank God for everyday for the time we did have and for the lessons she taught us. We have a full day of tree-planting planned for Miss Liv. I'll try to take lots of pictures and post them later.

In memory of Olivia Grace Chatterton (Aug. 27, 2006-May 23, 2009)

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Chemistry is no fun.
Be glad I didn't blog about it yesterday, because it wouldn't have been good. I worked on my homework until 9:00...and started at 3:00. Ugh...
Today went much better. I actually understood most of what was being talked about. It's definitely good that I am doing this mini-mester thing because I don't think I could handle a full semester of this. It's great to be able to say that I only have 10 days of class left!
I was a bit nervous going yesterday, and you could probably say I wasn't very well prepared. I had no calculator (I had no idea Chemistry involved so much math!), I had no pencil (which made my errors very difficult to correct), I got lost trying to get out of the building, and when I got home, Brooklyn started referring to me as "college girl" instead of mom. She's spent too much time around her father!
Anyway, this "college girl" is going to stick with it. As discouraging as yesterday was, I'm actually enjoying having all this important stuff going on!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Check out what the delivery man just dropped off at our door...

A beautiful flower arrangement from Grandpa and Grandma C.
And in the midst of uploading the flower pictures, I found this beautiful picture of the kiddos at Easter! I know, I know, that was months ago, but I never got around to that post!
Thanks, Rod and Sue! They're beautiful!

The Big News!

I'm going back to school. That's right folks. Starting tomorrow, I will again be a student.
Zac decided that I need to do something productive with my life that will have some sort of retirement plan so he can be done at 55, or something like that. So, I've enrolled in a classes at ICC and I start Chemistry tomorrow. It's a 3 week mini-mester that I will do every day all day until June 7. Then I'll take 3 online classes this summer, Microbiology in the fall along with 3 more online classes. Once I complete those, I'll be on track to start the nursing program at Bradley (if they choose to accept me ;)
Bradley has a 2nd Degree Nursing Program for people who have a Bachelor's degree in another field (mine being art and Spanish...not much you can do with that). It's a 15 month program that will begin in May of 2011 and I'll be finished with a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing in August of 2012. I'm really excited about the whole thing. A little nervous to be going back to school starting tomorrow, but excited about the fact that I will be a nurse within 2.5 years.
Growing up, I always wanted to be a nurse, but life took me in a different direction once I got to college. I'll be the first to admit that I spent my college years focusing on the social aspect and finding me some good husband material. I accomplished both of those things, and now it's time for me to actually apply myself in school!
Although it was a childhood dream to be a nurse, I do give all of the credit for my future endeavors to Olivia and the nurses and doctors in the PICU. Caring for Olivia made me realize that I absolutely love being able to take care of people in a medical capacity. The nurses in the PICU completely inspired me everyday with their knowledge, compassion, and overall care for the patients and the families.
So, as I embark on this new chapter, a special thanks to our sweet little Olivia, and to the nurses we've been touched by. I'm so glad that our God has blessed us in such a way that we are given second chances and that he puts people in our lives that give us direction and a new purpose. It's so fun to see His plans unfold!
Well, that's the big news around here. If I need help with my Chemistry homework, I'll let you know... :o)

Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14, 2010

Let it be known...on this 14th day of May in the year of 2010...we are officially the proud owners of one, yes, one home.
WooHoo! Zac and I went to Macomb today and signed all the papers. We had a celebratory lunch, made a couple of quick stops, and made our way back to our one, and only, home.
If I were being totally honest with myself, I would say it was a little hard to sign those papers today. My eyes started to well up a couple of times. I totally wasn't expecting that, since we've been waiting a year to sell this thing, and I can't even go near the place without having an anxiety attack, but it was a little difficult.
It's been a week of mixed emotions, though, and I anticipate that it will continue for a while. Mother's Day was bittersweet. I had a great day with the kids and it was a wonderful weekend altogether, but there was that one little someone missing. I took some purple flowers out to Livs and we visited for quite a while. It was nice. It always is. We are quickly approaching the one year anniversary of her Homecoming to Heaven, which I imagine will be a bittersweet day, as well. What more could a parent ask for...Olivia is in Heaven, she's happy, she's complete, she's with Jesus. Sure, we would love to have her here with us, but only for us. She's not missing a thing here. We are just missing doing those "things" with her. Completely justifiable selfishness, really.
Anyway, it's a big week coming up. I have some big news to share one of these days (no, I'm not pregnant...remember Zac is out of commission in that department). Ahem. Anyway, I'm saving it for a post of it's own and it's something I'm really excited about. Hopefully, I can take the time to actually keep up on this silly old blog. I hate that I'm so sporadic with it, but it is what it is, I guess!
Stay tuned...