Monday, May 23, 2011

The week in review...

What a week!  I officially started classes last Tuesday at Bradley.  I have one week under my belt and only 15 months to go!  For those of you that don't know, I was accepted in to Bradley's Accelerated Nursing program.  It's a 15 month 2nd Bachelor's Degree program that I will finish by August of 2012.  There are only 7 of us in the program, so I'm thinking we'll be pretty much like family when the whole thing is over!  It's Bradley's second year of offering this particular program, which is kind of neat to say that I am a part of it.  Anyway, I'm in Health Assessment right now, so I've been finding pulses and listening to any one's heart I can get a hold of!  It's interesting to hear what a "normal" heart sounds like and see how a "normal" heart actually works.  It's interesting to compare all of this to Livvy's "broken" heart, since that's all I really knew.

Baseball is well under way for Jack.  He made the travel team this year, so it's big time baseball.  He's been playing short stop and pitching a little bit, which stresses the mommy out.  Pitching puts a lot of pressure on a little guy (although I don't think he notices) which make me crazy.  That's a lot of responsibility. 

Jack's running club at school signed up to run the Family House race this past weekend.  Jack was sooooo...excited to get 3rd place for the 3rd Grade division.  He ran the 5K in about 32 minutes...and this was after a sleepover that only consisted of about 5 hours of sleep!  Way to go Jack!

Brooklyn has been keeping up with her gymnastics.  She was "invited" to pre-team, so she actually practices 6 hours a week!  She loves it on most days and we agreed to do pre-team with the promise that she'll take swim lessons this summer!  She turns 7 on June 3 and we have a big day planned with a girls only train trip to Chicago to visit the American Girl Store!  Can't wait!
We had a great Spring Break trip to Tybee Island, GA at the end of April.  I still need to get organized enough to put pictures on the blog, but it may not be until next Spring Break at the rate I'm going!

School is out on Wednesday for the kids and they have a big summer planned so far!  They are going to be spending lots of time with Grandma and Grandpa and their cousins while Zac is at work and I am at school. 

Other than that, everything is status quo. 

Today is Olivia's second anniversary of her "Homecoming to Heaven."  We don't have any big plans.  We'll get ice cream and head out to the cemetery, which seems to have become the new tradition for her anniversaries and birthdays.  Olivia loved ice cream, but wasn't supposed to have it once we found out she had issues with aspiration.  It seems only appropriate to take her some on this special day! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ice Breaker!

Obviously I haven't blogged in a really, really long time.  It's not that I don't have things to blog about.  It's just nearly impossible to figure out where to begin.  So, this is my "ice breaker" post.  Hopefully, once I click on that little button to submit this post, I will be back at it. 
I digress.
Back to the ice bestie had her baby last night!  It's a girl!  This makes 3 girls and one lonely little fella!  Congratulations Nicole, Ben, Annelise, Alaina, and Jonah!  She is beautiful!
Now...if only she had a name?!?
Without further ado...
Miss Thing (said with a heavy southern accent, of course!)

P.S. - I stole this picture from Nic's blog.  I figure she'll forgive me.  The fact that I actually posted something on here will constitute forgiveness and get me some major brownie points.  Gee.  Maybe she'll even call me (totally kidding, Nic!)