Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mommy Conference

So a few weeks ago, I went to my annual "mommy conference." If you live in central Illinois and are a mom, you've most likely heard of Hearts at Home. This was my 7th year of going and, again, it didn't disappoint! It is the best weekend ever and I look forward to it every year. My friend, Nicole and I decided to try it out when our kids were 9 months and 6 months old, respectively. We haven't missed unless we had just given birth (Nicole) or were at a wedding (me)! They offer little sessions on parenting, marriage, spiritual growth, etc... You get to pick your top ten and they assign you to 3 or 4. This year, as it turned out, I went to my sessions on Friday with my sister and Nicole did hers on Saturday (since she has to fly in from SC and everything). I also had a prior engagement to attend on Saturday. We still made a great weekend of it.
I ended up attending a class on Sibling Rivalry, Living Life After Loss, Living with Less so your Family has More, and Growing Weeds out of Trees (about raising kids). I loved them all and can say I took a little something from each session. I was super excited that they were offering the Living Life After Loss session, although I went in very anxious and left feeling sad. It was rather depressing, which I suppose it should have been, but I was hoping to feel a little comfort and can't say that I did.
Anywho, it always gives me new ideas and refreshes me for at least a little while. Nicole brought her friend Kathy and we stayed had a great girls weekend. We ate some good food, had some great talks, and slept in beds with no kids! Can't wait until next year!


The Hawkinson Gang said...

Now don't forget the fun game that we played!

Judy said...

I'm so glad you got to go! I think a mommy conference is just what I need these days. Ryan and I were going to try to go to "A Weekend to Remember" conference for couples b/c I thought it would be fun and encouraging (he wasn't so sure about that) but the tickets were sold out. Oh well.
Living with Less, so your Family has more....sounds like a great session. Sorry that the session on life after loss wasn't as good as what you had hoped. Have you heard of this retreat??

Anonymous said...

Chattertons - Have a Happy Easter! Congratulations on getting an accpted offer on the house!

The Fulkersons