Thursday, May 20, 2010


Chemistry is no fun.
Be glad I didn't blog about it yesterday, because it wouldn't have been good. I worked on my homework until 9:00...and started at 3:00. Ugh...
Today went much better. I actually understood most of what was being talked about. It's definitely good that I am doing this mini-mester thing because I don't think I could handle a full semester of this. It's great to be able to say that I only have 10 days of class left!
I was a bit nervous going yesterday, and you could probably say I wasn't very well prepared. I had no calculator (I had no idea Chemistry involved so much math!), I had no pencil (which made my errors very difficult to correct), I got lost trying to get out of the building, and when I got home, Brooklyn started referring to me as "college girl" instead of mom. She's spent too much time around her father!
Anyway, this "college girl" is going to stick with it. As discouraging as yesterday was, I'm actually enjoying having all this important stuff going on!


Judy said...

Oh sound like my sister. She's gone back to school to become a nurse. She's done two semesters now and Chemistry just about did her in this past semester. She was so stressed all the time and she was constantly texting me to plead for prayer! Ha! I guess it must have worked because she got an "A" she still isn't sure how that happened, but good for her. I'm sure you'll do fine "college girl!"

Anonymous said...

Just get through the class and keep telling yourself you will never use that knowledge as a nurse!! "Chemistry-shmemistry" You'll do great no matter what.
Tara O

Anonymous said...

Hang in there can do it!
We're praying for you every step of the way!:)
Good for you!:)
Jen Weber