Sunday, May 23, 2010

The perfect day.

We had an absolutely perfect day.

Well, except for our trip here,

but that's a whole other story and we'll get to that later!

We started off our day going to church and Sunday school. Then we came home and started digging.

My parents and my grandma were able to join us and helped out with the planting...We got some special little trinkets to put on the tree, too!
Livvy has her own little tree, with lots of little angels hanging from it, and some cute things to surround it!

Grandma gave us this little turtle, too and it fits perfectly!

We ended our afternoon with a trip to the cemetery to take Livs a pinwheel and some flowers.
We all said our favorite memory and thanked Livvy for everything she's done for us! between the tree planting and the cemetery visit...

this happened:

That's my mom.

My dad went out to get some lunch for everyone, and Zac, Jack and my mom were playing baseball. Zac, being the fair guy that he is, hit a pop fly to my mom. She caught it, lost her balance and next thing I hear is:

"Get some ice! Don't look at it, Connie! We're going to the hospital."

Zac swooped my mom into the car, I took off, Jack took over in the house and called my dad so he would meet us there and we were off.

She broke it pretty good. They splinted it up for the night and she goes in tomorrow for surgery around 2:00. Luckily, she's not in a lot of pain. I kept telling her this was a great distraction for us today, and where would I rather be on this particular day, but in a hospital!

Zac felt pretty bad. I was thankful it wasn't Jack that did it, because he would have felt HORRIBLE.

There is a reason it happened today that we may never know...but it sure did give me some good blogging material!
I also have to apologize for the pictures. I lost the battery charger for my "good" camera, so I've been using my old one. It seems to have a big blurry spot in al the pictures...makes me crazy, but obviously not crazy enough to actually search for the battery charger!


Anonymous said...

Only was a year ago of course that Reid broke his arm. Hopefully your mom will recover as quickly. We will keep her in our prayers too!

The Fulkersons

Judy said...

Oh sorry Connie! I'll be praying that surgery goes well and that they're generous with the pain meds!!!

We had our own drama going on at our house yesterday but Olivia really kept everything in perpective for me. She always does. Whenever I think something is bad or whenever I feel totally overwhelmed, God just brings her to mind to remind me of the joy she always had in her heart despite everything her little body had to endure. Her smile will forever be etched in my mind and she continues to have an impact on my life.
The tree is beautiful! A perfect way to celebrate Olivia's life!

Anonymous said...

Some wonderful ways to remember your precious little girl. I have been thinking of her and all of you this weekend. We miss you all! Sorry to hear about your mom's arm....hope it heals quickly. And good luck with classes.

Anonymous said...

Remembering Livvy often, she always brings a smile to my face & a tear to my eye. And poor Connie, here's to speedy healing!!

Erika Tibbs

Preppy Little Dress said...

This is my 1st visit to your blog. I am so sorry to hear about Olivia. She is definitely an angel in the sky watching down on you and your family.

I have a brother with downs syndrome who is turning 31 this october. It's amazing what joy they bring to our lives! Cheerish the wonderful memories!