Monday, August 2, 2010


I really think that I am so far behind that I can't even catch up on this blog, so here are some highlights from the last couple of months:
School:  I finished my Chemistry mini-mester at the beginning of June.  I think that is probably the most intense class I have ever taken.  Keep in mind that I majored in Art and Spanish in college, so I just had to know how to be creative.  In Chemistry, I actually had to think, which doesn't come naturally to me.  I ended with a solid "B".  I also completed 3 online courses at 3 different institutions - Developmental Psych, Abnormal Psych, and Nutrition.  Another round of "B's"  The fact that I can actually say that I am a "B" student is a miracle in and of itself...I'm very proud, not just bragging;)  In a couple of weeks, I start 3 more online courses (Western Civ, Pathophysiology, and Composition II), as well as Microbiology in the classroom.  Once I'm done with all of these in December, I will be ready to start the nursing program at Bradley in May.  All I have to do is get accepted, which I should find out in October or November.  No biggie, right?  We'll see.
Kids:  We celebrated Brooklyn's 6th birthday on June 3rd.  She chose a Luau them for the fam and it turned out really well.  Both kids just finished a great season of baseball/tee ball.  Brooklyn thought the first couple of games were great because she liked getting all dressed up in her uniform.  After that, she was ready to be done.  Jack had his first year of "kid-pitch" baseball.  Saying he loved it would be a understatement.  He mainly played shortstop and pitcher and still firmly believes he is heading for the big leagues. 
Zac:  Being on a 12-month contract, he simply works a lot.  He and Jack did manage to take their annual camping trip with the cousins.  They tried out skiing with the boys, which Jack wasn't too impressed with.  He did, however, love the knee board and tubing.  We celebrated our 10 year anniversary at the end of May and took a weekend trip to Chicago with a whole crew to watch the Cardinal's beat the Cubs at Wrigley (woohoo!).  It was a ton of fun and a much needed getaway for both of us.  We also managed to take a family vacation (see previous post) and returned home last week from that.  I strongly considered staying in S.C., but returning from that heat and humidity made me realize I do like the Midwest.  Besides, it would be kind of weird for me to live there with Zac and the kids living here;)
The house:  It's still here.  No new projects going on at the moment.

So, I guess that hits most of the highlights.  I'm *hoping* to put together a "picture post" in the near future, so it's very possible that I may come up with some more highlights once I go through the pics...stay tuned!


Claire said...

Thanks for the round up, and huge congrats on the 'B'!