Saturday, November 29, 2008

My amazing family.

I have always felt like I was raised by an extremely generous family. Especially my grandma and my mom. They have always been the first to help out people in need in any way that they can, whether it be through volunteering, fundraising, donating, whatever. I've always admired this about them and pray that I can set as good of an example to my kids and if/when I have more time and resources, I can do the same.

Then I married Zac. The entire Chatterton clan goes way out of their way to bless people. I notice it especially with the Chatterton men. They never, ever judge people. They would give you the shirt off their back if you didn't have one. Very, very generous people.

Last night when we packing up and getting ready to leave Zac's parents house, Brooklyn handed me an envelope with a Christmas wish on the outside. During the hustle and bustle of packing up, I tossed it in Olivia's medicine bin and carried it on out to the car. After we were home for a while, Zac asked if I got an envelope from Brooklyn. That's right - what was that?

A Christmas card from Zac's uncle and family. This year, instead of gifts, they had all decided they wanted to help someone else. They took the money they would have spent on each other and gave it to our family. The card read "we hope this money will be as much of a blessing to you as it is to us." Precious family - you have no idea. Not even the money, but the pure act is such an unbelievable blessing to us and to our family. And the fact that we are able to tell the kids about this act of generosity, fills my heart with so much joy. You are all amazing people. Quite simply, thank you and we love you all!


Judy said...

You know that thing that I find amazing about the Chattertons is just how many of them there are and how they go out of their way to spend time with each other. My side of my family isn't like that and I love being a part of a big family! It was so great to see you guys in real life (not just in this blog world)! We love you guys too!