Thursday, November 20, 2008


Olivia has had an extremely productive couple of weeks. It's so amazing to see how quickly she can do things if she actually puts her mind to it... Gee, that sounds like any other kid!

Here's what she has accomplished. All of a sudden she has decided to pull up to her knees on absolutely everything. She has decided to start crawling - real crawling on all fours, instead of the army crawl. She has started making "kissy faces" and smacking her lips together. I've heard a few "b" and "f" sounds (of course, no "m" sounds, though).
Anyway, she has just been on a roll lately. She's working really hard on learning to pull herself up into a standing position from sitting, but she has a long way to go. We need to strengthen the muscles in her honey buns before she's going to get that one down!
We start her RSV shots tomorrow, had a pneumonia shot, and the flu shot - covering all our bases to have a holiday season at home this year!
We saw the pediatric dietitian yesterday to discuss hydration. With all of her feeds being so thick, hydration is/was a concern. She seems to be doing great - no signs of dehydration, so we are going to keep an eye on things for now. The dietitian did mention a G-tube to guarantee fluid intake, but in this particular case, I'd rather be reactive instead of proactive. She just needs a chance to show she can be okay all on her own! If she can't, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
So, all is well on the home front - just preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday (our favorite holiday!!!) Brooklyn keeps talking about the huge feast we are going to have and Jack keeps talking about all the turkeys we are going to make! We love to talk about all the things we are thankful for and it's so fun to hear what the kids have to say...I'll save those for next week!


Thistle Creek Photography said...

It's great to see Olivia doing so well!

Anonymous said...

WOW, way to go Livvy!! We are all so proud of you. I wish you could see the many faces of your "second family" gathered around a single computer smiling at your success. Keep up the great work and we all look forward to seeing you via blog :)

Bethany, RN PICU

The Chatt Pack said...

Thanks for always checking up on us! We miss you guys soooo much...just not enough to come for an extended visit!

Judy said...

Yay Olivia!! I'm sitting here cheering you on! I know that these accomplishments are huge for you and we're so proud of you and your determination!
((clap -clap)) I'm applauding your parents too because I know how hard they work to make you successful! I'm sure they practice all this stuff with you all the time!

Anonymous said...

The site of Livvy's "Kissy face" made my heart melt, and pulling herself up??!! Heaven forbid she ever has to come back for a stay, but if she does they'll have to invent a special bed just to keep her contained! Way to go Livvy, amazing as usual. Hope you guys are all well and gearing up for a fantastic holiday season. Take Care, Erika former PICU RN