Friday, June 12, 2009


This move is going to be different.
It's going to be completely bittersweet.
It's going to be hard to leave Macomb. There are really, really good people here that have done so many things for us. It was also Olivia's least where her bedroom was. She spent about an equal amount of time in Peoria, so will Dunlap feel like we're closer to her other "home?" It is actually home for me - born and raised. It will be a new house with new memories and new adventures. But it will be hard to close the door on the adventures we had in Macomb. I think it will be a good thing, though. We will never, ever lose any of the memories we have from here.
I took Olivia's room apart yesterday. I made Brooklyn help me, which was a huge distraction. I was more frustrated with her inefficiency to let the emotional aspect get in the way. I've never been a person that gets too hung up on material things, anyway, so it wasn't too bad. There are certain things that we'll never part with and it's going to be hard to have a new house without Olivia's room. Her room has already gone back to being "the den," although in my mind it will always be her room. That's why we picked this house. It was going to be and still will be perfect for our family.
I think this move is actually coming at the perfect time. A lot of things I've read lately say that it is so hard when the sympathy cards stop coming and when people stop talking about Olivia because it makes you feel like people have forgotten her. I know that Olivia is unforgettable to anyone she came in contact with, of course, but it will be nice to have the "excuse" that the new people in our lives wouldn't have even known her (what a shame for them, huh?) It will give us a whole new group of people to share her amazing story with.


The Malcolm Family said...

I can only imagine how hard that was for you. You are such a strong person and an inspiration. I as well as a lot of other people will never ever forget sweet Olivia!!!! I hope that the move will bring a ton of new memories thinking of you always. :)

Anonymous said...


Your little Liv is def. unforgettable. The Chatterton family will forever be a part of "our family". I hope you know that you are "stuck" with many of us, forever :)

Bethany PICU

Anonymous said...

So beautifully put Julie! Wishing you all the best and many happy memories in your new home! Olivia is truly unforgettable!
Take care!

Claire said...

Oh bless you. What a moving post! I would love to send you a card at your new place once you're settled. Please do let me know the address.


Anonymous said...

You are a beautiful family! Enjoy your trip and I'll be praying for a good move.....:)
Jen Weber
p.s. thanks for the thank was not necessary...but thank you! It meant a lot what you said! :)
Tell Grandma T. hello for me.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could afford to take out a full-page ad in Dunlap's local newspaper or rent a HUGE billboard in Dunlap telling that community of the incredible family moving into their town. Macomb doesn't have the market on "really really good people" and I think, all would agree, that Dunlap is going to increase in its number of really, really good people by 4 when the Chattertons move to town! You are beginning a new VOLUME of life. You moved beyond CHAPTERS awhile ago. God is going with you and will bless you and your new home. I imagine your new home is soooooooooo very excited to have it's first family be you. Keep blogging so all of us can stay in touch. Love, Diny

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the best with your move! I know you will thrive there, and rest assured, as long as there is a CHOI, Olivia will NEVER be forgotten! Remember, we're building a "wing" in her honor, lol! Sorry I missed you when you came, but every time I look at those little leg warmers, I think of her and those little leggies waving in the air! God Bless all of you.
Jessica N. PICU