Monday, June 22, 2009

Vegas, baby!

We made it to Las Vegas with no problems. We even won $140 on the plane! I think it's a sign ;) We just might win our millions while we are here...although those penny slots take my money really quickly. (I actually hate gambling. I more into people watching.)
Zac and I went to see Jersey Boys last night. It was awesome. Everyone has been saying we had to go see it. Now we know why.
Brooklyn is on the train with Grandma and Great Aunt Karen on her way to Chicago. It's her belated B-day present from Grandpa and Grandma C. They are heading to the American Girl Store to pick out a doll and spend the day shopping. Lucky girl!
Jack got to stay with Uncle Chris, Aunt Amy, and Alais last night and play there all day today. I'd say the kids aren't having it too rough while we are gone.
Anyway, wish us luck!!! I'll try to start taking some pictures so the posts will be more entertaining.


Anonymous said...

DON'T BRING any of that Vegas heat back with you, okay? We have plenty of that here already. Glad to hear you are having a wonderful time. May the slots be kind to you. Diny

Judy said...

WooHoo! $140 isn't bad!! I'm glad you're having fun! You've earned it! Keep having a great time!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun, you guys deserve it!! I hope you win a lot on the penny slots because you'll need it once Connie gets Brooklyn hooked on American Girl dolls.

Bethany, PICU

Claire said...

Sounds wonderful! I hope you have a lovely trip.


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful relaxing trip! You both definetly deserve it!


Crystal Montgomery said...

Aaron and I went to Vegas for our honeymoon. I highly recommend walking the strip at night. The lights are amazing and the sidewalk entertainment is very cool. It truly is like no other place on earth :) Take care and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Julie and Zac, Hope you have the best time ever. I'm glad you are taking this time for yourselves. Have fun!!!!!!!! Love ya, Deb PICU

Anonymous said...

Glad you are having fun, but I want to know the important stuff like which doll did Brooklyn get? American Girls are so much fun!!! We had to take Alex this fall when we were in Chicago. Of course she used the excuse that we were shopping for her cousin but she loved it! Tell Zac dads are required to make at least one visit with their daughters, but Grandmas are much more fun to go with. Hope Brooklyn, Grandma and Aunt Karen had a great time!