Friday, July 31, 2009

Just stuff.

First and foremost, thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who donated to St. Jude in memory of Olivia! Not only was Zac able to meet his goal, but he exceeded it by raising $1072.11! Woohoo! He takes off from Macomb at 4:00 tomorrow morning for their satellite run.
Zac and I went to pick out Olivia's headstone for the cemetery yesterday. We are really happy with the place - Wyoming Monument Company. The man we met with was so incredibly nice and helped us out a lot. We are also very pleased with the preliminary sketch we came up with. We still have time to make a few changes and we are having her picture etched on it, so we are trying to fine the perfect picture.
The kids and I went school supply shopping today. It's one of my favorite holidays. I can't say the kids were as excited as I was. Oh, well. There's always next year!
I absolutely love the fact that the kids are always out playing around the neighborhood...but, I have this fear that our children have become the neighborhood stalkers. Most of the kids must go elsewhere during the day, because no one is really out until the evenings, however, the second there is a sign of life from one of the neighbors, our kids are out there riding their bikes back and forth in front of their houses. It's really embarrassing. We tried to tell them that we don't want to wear out our welcome and that we have to be considerate of other people and their families. They just don't seem to get it. It's also difficult because they are always in everyone else's yard and we don't have a yard, yet. So, I don't feel like we have been able to take our "turn" with having the entire neighborhood over.
On another neighborhood note...Jack loves baseball. He has found some friends that do to. He played a game of ball last night - big kids (junior high to adult) against little kids (anyone younger than junior high). Apparently someone made mention of playing again tonight. That's all the kid can talk about. He complained all day about getting home in time for "his game."
Me: I'm sorry, I didn't realize you had a schedule...let me guess, your next game is tomorrow night.
Jack: Yep.
Me: And again the next day??
Jack: Nope - we take Sunday's and Tuesday's off to rest.
Seriously? Next thing we know, there will be bleachers set up and a concession stand down the road.
Anyway, we are excited to greet the St. Jude runners tomorrow night at the Civic Center! Be sure to watch on any of the Peoria channels if you live in the area. I don't know any of the times or channels, otherwise I'd let you know!


Judy said...

Ha! We have a neighbor stalker that lives in our house too! Now that Christian's cousins have moved away he stands at the window every afternoon, waiting for our neighbors to come home from work with their 2 1/2 year old son. Then he bangs on the window and waves or runs out the door to greet them. I'm sure they would just love to be able to go in their house after a long day of work, instead of playing with Christian in their driveway for an hour everyday, so we're really trying to cut back on the stalking!

Good Luck to Zac today!! Post some pictures if you can!

Claire said...

Hee, I've been that kid!


Anonymous said...

I watched the runners come in the civic center center today. It was really neat to see!! I saw your mom but did not see Zac. Really hope it went well for for both of them!!:))