Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A few small things.

It's been a pretty rough day today. I'm not looking forward to seeing how tomorrow treats me.
We have a few special things planned for Olivia's birthday tomorrow. First thing in the morning, my mom and I are going up to the PICU to deliver balloons to all of the kiddos and some treats for all of the staff. I've put together a special flower arrangement and we're planning on taking that out to the cemetery. Tomorrow evening, we are planning on taking the kids out to the cemetery for the first time since Olivia's burial. We are hoping to send some balloons up to Olivia - the kids thought she would love that. Then Zac and I are going to head back up to the PICU to visit the night staff...they never get visitors. They might just deserve some snacks, too. So, just a few small things for us to do here on earth to celebrate the almost 3 years we were able to have Olivia.


JILL said...

Praying for you guys. Hope the day brings back happy memories that you can cling too! I am sure the PICU staff will love your visit. And speaking from experience, I know sending balloons to Olivia will be a great idea for Jack and Brooklyn too. Tadd's neice and nephew still talk about the balloons they sent to Laynie. Praying for peace - Jill

Anonymous said...

I just sent your mom an email that I was thinking about you and I'll be praying for your comfort tomorrow. Then, I checked your blog before I went to be to and saw you posted here. What a wonderful idea to spend your day at PICU and with your wonderful children. I just knew you would make "Olivia's" Day special. You are such a great family with HUGE hearts! Please know my heart will be with yours tomorrow and I will pray for a peaceful day for you all!
Love to all,
Jen Weber

Anonymous said...

Will be praying extra prayers for you on Thursday. Loved the Ding Dong Ditch story...

Lisa F

Claire said...

What a lovely way to spend what I am sure will be a sad and hard day. I will be praying for you all today.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday livi! We will always miss you. Ill be thinking of you guys today. Jami PICU

Anonymous said...

Thinking and praying for u. I will be praying that all those happy memories will bring u some joy today. It sounds like u have some big plans for today that will help bring joy to some people who may truly need u and a smile. Lots of thoughts and prayers headed ur way today.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all today and praying for peace. It sounds like you have some nice plans for today. I'm sure Olivia and the children at PICU will all love the balloons. Happy Birthday, sweet Olivia!
We miss you all,
Teri, Larry, Cody and Emily