Monday, August 24, 2009


I've gotten myself quite the little routine going now that both kids are in school. They are still in the "excited for school" stage, so they get up, get ready, and are on the bus by 6:55. I lazily drink my coffee, read the paper, and go shopping. I really may need to get a j-o-b if I keep this up. Either that, or make Zac get a second job!
We had a really good weekend. It flew by. I've been painting like a mad woman. Olivia's room/the den/"my" room is done. I have one coat left in the downstairs bathroom. Then it's off to our bathroom, the kids' bathroom, our bedroom, and the toyroom. The kids said at this rate, I should have the whole house painted by next year!
Saturday, we went to a 40th b'day party in Macomb. Zac really misses it there. He's happy here, but hasn't quite gotten to "know" the people like he did in Macomb. Jack also was ecstatic to play with friends. Brooklyn was clingy, so we spent a lot of time together, which was good. I have a hard time going back. It's strange that we lived there for 3 years and I just didn't get the chance to become close to anyone. There are still so many people that Zac worked with and talked about that I have never even met. I'm going to make an effort to make sure that doesn't happen here. in the morning and in the afternoon! The hospital has a quarterly memorial mass at the chapel for patients that have passed away at St. Francis. Yesterday's mass remembered Olivia, along with so many other people (including a couple of her neighbors from the PICU). It was a beautiful service and it's really a nice way to offer support, too.
I have one funny story to share from Saturday night...
Jack: "Can I go Ding Dong Ditching with some of the boys?"
Me: "What is that?"
Jack: "I don't know. Something on their bikes."
Me: "Go ask your dad."
Zac: "Sure"
About 10 minutes pass.
Jack: "I found out what it was. You go up and ring people's doorbells and then run away. But, I didn't do any of it. I just watched."
We both give a stern look.
In the car on the way home, he brings it up again.

Jack: "You know Dad used to do something just like that when he was little."
If you have any idea where Zac lived, you would know he would have to ride his bike miles to get to another house, and most likely it would be a relative's house.

We both give a confused look.
Jack: "He did, and he would even leave flowers!"
Me: "Jack, that was on May Day. That was a nice thing."
Jack: "Oh."
I think we all learned something - no more Ding Dong Ditching...unless you leave flowers!


The Hawkinson Gang said...

Too funny!!!!!!

Ellen Davis said...

Good grief, Julie, at "this rate" you're going to have the whole house painted by the end of September! (Can you come paint mine when you're finished?)

I loved the story about ding-dong-ditching...though I can't believe Zac didn't know what that was!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious!

Judy, Kevin, Jeannie & Kevin