Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our Merry Christmas project!

We spent some time last weekend getting ready for our big surprise for Olivia! We colored some special ornaments just for her and hung them on her very own tree at the cemetery!
The kids had a blast doing this and it helped us all celebrate a little part of Christmas with Olivia.

The kids each made two ornaments...Brooklyn colored some presents and an angel,

while Jack colored an ornament and a snowman. to the cemetery to deliver our ornaments! Isn't Olivia's little tree just perfect?!?
I've been pretty surprised at how well we are all handling the holidays. I've been dreading it for months now. We are all remembering Olivia in our own little ways. Of course, she is unforgettable! We've been surrounded by family. We've received some amazing cards, gifts, and treats. We've attended or hosted 5 Christmases so far and still have a couple more stops to make tomorrow. It's been truly awesome.
So...a very Merry Christmas to everyone! We hope your Christmas is filled with many blessings!


Bethany said...

love it!

Claire said...

That is beautiful!


Anonymous said...

How beautiful!! Miss ya n luv ya Livs!!

Amy, RRT

Anonymous said...

I had some catching up to do myself - I have not been getting as much time to check your blog these days. It was great reading about everyone. Your word always somehow bring me peace even when I am crying all over myself :) Thanks. The tree was perfect. Love to all and Merry Christmas a lil late.

Cuz Carol

Anonymous said...

What a lovely way to celebrate Liv! We pray for you all every day! and we wished Liv a merry xmas too!:)
Jen Weber

Anonymous said...

Here is to a wonderful new year filled with many special blessings and memories......

The Fulkersons