Thursday, September 23, 2010

Miss Livvy's B'day

I was looking at pictures today and realized I never blogged pictures from Olivia's b'day party!  Silly me.  We kept it low key this year and just had some cake and ice cream.  Grandma C., Aunt Amy, and Cousin Alais stopped by after they went to visit Liv's at the cemetery and we sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed some cake.  Afterwards, Zac, the kids and I went to get some ice cream and go see Livvy, too.  This year went so much better for all of us than last year.  It doesn't get better, but it does get a little easier, I guess. 

Brooklyn still thought she should share her ice cream with Olivia!
What a great big sister!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chatt Pack,

We think of you often especially as the special days for Olivia occur. Sounds like everyone is doing so well! Wow, football pads already - I am just as happy McKenna has to wait a couple more years for that. He loves football as does his Dad so they cannot wait for full gear! Let us know when you might get back to Macomb, we'd love to get together again.

Take Care, The Gabbei's

Sarah and Kieran said...

Happy Birthday, Olivia!! Hope you're having a blast in heaven!