Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Birthday update

Olivia has had an awesome day. She's got some presents in the mail and some cards from some really special people. So far, she's loving everything - except for this doll Brooklyn got her. It crawls and then falls down and screams in the most obnoxious voice you've ever heard. We've already put her away in a very safe place until it doesn't petrify her (or me) anymore.

Anyway, thought I would share some pictures from her little family party with the five of us! I suppose it would have been nice for me to clean her up for her birthday pictures, but I didn't so you'll have to excuse the green beans on her face, shirt, arms, legs, etc... That was her special birthday dinner - how pathetic!

Brooklyn and I made her a "poke cake" for her dessert tonight.

She really liked Daddy's singing?

Not too impressed with the cake. She threw most of it on the floor!

We got her a swingset in her size. She wasn't too fond of the slide. She screamed at the bottom.

She had her own swing, but her oxygen tubing didn't stretch far enough, so you could never use it! This is much better. And she loves it!
A few new books for the little bookworm.
Last but not least, her very own zoo train. She's loving the little animals! Brooklyn is loving Olivia's new presents, too. Good thing Olivia doesn't mind sharing. Jack could care less. He's such a boy. Ugh.


Cheryl baker said...

Glad to see the orange, fuzzy purse in the background!! We are making progress!!!!! You could not have gotten a more perfect gift than that mini swing set...lots of sensory input!


Lindsay said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! It looks like you had a really special day for Olivia. Thanks again for keeping us posted...we love checking in on you!

Judy said...

Those pictures of Olivia in her swing are so sweet! She really does love it!!