Thursday, August 28, 2008

America's Next Top Model?

Brooklyn or Olivia. Who will it be?

First, we'll talk about Brooklyn. Do you know how embarrassing it is as a parent to have your child ask someone to go find a camera to take pictures of them. Better yet, she tells them to come in the living room, she wants her pictures taken on the couch. Last weekend we were at some friends' house for a Fantasy Football draft. The moms/wives were watching all the kids while the dads/husbands/guys did their beloved draft. Brooklyn goes up to Sandy and asks her if she would find a camera to take some pictures of her. Seriously? Where does she get that? She proceeded to pose for a series of photos. It was...something. I'm just thankful she left her clothes on!
As for Olivia, we got a call on Tuesday asking if Olivia would be interested in being in the Children's Hospital of Illinois calendar. Of course she would be interested! We travelled to East Peoria today for a little photo shoot and she'll be featured on the cover of the 2009 calendar! The gal that took the pictures did an awesome job. They will be having an "unveiling" in October so we'll get to see the finished product.
Regardless, I think they are both pretty cute. I do think, however, it's probably better to have someone come to you to request photographs than to go around requesting others to take your picture?!?


Anonymous said...

There can never, ever, be too many pictures of Jack, Brooklyn, Olivia, or their cousin Alais! Love, Grandma C.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Happy Birthday Olivia! What a blessing for all of you! She looks great and so happy! We are so happy for you,
Love, Angela K. and family

Anonymous said...

Dear Olivia,
I have sure enjoyed all of the great news your mom has been sharing with all us! You and your family sure have good reason to be featured on the cover of the calendar! You are an inspiration to many people and you deserve the honor! Happy Birthday and have a great party tomorrow!
Jen Weber