Monday, September 1, 2008

The Birthday Bash!

I have a ton (thanks, nic!) of pictures to post from the big birthday party on Saturday. Thanks so much to everyone that came over - from near and far! There is really only one way to describe the entire day - it was completely overwhelming. In a good way, of course.
Olivia was overwhelmed with all the people. She didn't give a single smile until everyone was gone.
I was overwhelmed with the how much everyone loves Olivia. I don't mean in the "what a cutie she is" kind of way. Don't get me wrong, she is pretty cute and all, but I mean they truly care for and about her and our entire family.
I extended an invitation to the birthday to all of the blog readers, not knowing what/who to expect. Obviously, many of our blog stalkers are from all corners of the country. Some are right next door. Olivia received cards from people we never would have expected. She received a gift in the mail from one of her nurses in the PICU. My cousin in Florida made a trip back to Illinois to be able to come to the party. Our pastor and his family came over for the party. Zac's secretary brought her family over for the party and brought gifts to the two big kids, too. A friend of my mom's (a parent of a student she's had in the past) sent a gift for Olivia, a wonderful note, and an extremely generous gift card to Zac and I.
The most overwhelming of all, though, is that one of Olivia's nurses from PICU and her little girl came for the party. When she emailed and said she was coming, I was so excited! We got to be so close to everyone up there and it's hard not to see them everyday. So, when she came bearing gifts from the entire staff, it was incredible. As much as the gifts are appreciated, it's the card that says it all. There is literally not an inch of empty space on that card. Everyone wrote the sweetest things to Olivia. Everyone. Her PICU doctors, every nurse, her cardiologist, surgeon, respiratory therapists...everyone. I can't stop reading every word over and over. It's not even possible to put into words how you've all touched our hearts. (Literally for Dr. F. -hehe-sorry -had to throw that in there!) Needless to say, it was an amazing day for an amazing little girl, thanks to a whole lot of amazing people.
So, where are the pictures, you ask? Our computer isn't working and I'm using a loaner. I can't figure out how to get the pictures on here and I wanted to at least post that the party was a huge success. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Dear Chattertons,
I was anxiously awaiting your birthday bash blog! I knew you would have a great turn out! You are truly a WONDERFUL family and so many people care about Olivia and you all. We are so glad to hear it was a great day for you!
We continue to pray for you all daily and look forward to your blogging each day!
Jen Weber

Anonymous said...


I can't wait to see all of the birthday pictures. Ava had so much fun. She acted like she had known everyone for years. I'll be checking the blog for updates.
Bethany, RN PICU