Monday, September 29, 2008

Wild Weekend.

We had a super, crazy, busy weekend. It started Friday night with my grandma's b'day. The girls and I headed on over to Dunlap to celebrate, while the boys stayed back for Jack's soccer game on Saturday.

Saturday morning - to Bishop Hill to partake in their fall festival. We try to go every year because the kids think it's so much fun. We eat in the park and then do all the fun activities like making Corn Husk dolls, making your own brick, making your own popcorn, and many others. Then, of course, a trip to the candy store to stock up on Swedish Fish and German Raspberries!
Brooklyn with her Corn Husk doll.
Making popcorn...

Next on the agenda...a trip to Washington to my cousin's for an Oktoberfest celebration. It was a great time for the few minutes we were able to enjoy it. Olivia wasn't cooperating at all and we left rather early - it had been a big day for her.

TOUCH activities

I wish these two weren't so small. I got them from an email. The one above is actually not a bad shot of all the cousins - a rare find. Tyler, Olivia, Jack, Alais, Brooklyn, and Emmy!Emmy and Brooklyn with their balloon creations.
Sunday - to the T.O.U.C.H. picnic. We look forward to this every year. It's a celebration put on by The Organization for Understanding Children's Hearts. We get to see old roommates, doctors, nurses, etc... and the kids have a blast. There are tons of activities for them to do, a nice lunch, and train rides! It's great to see all the heart kids and see how well everyone is doing when you know they were so sick at one point.
I just thought Olivia was looking super cute today.

Finally - home! At least until our next big weekend...


Anonymous said...

I continue to enjoy checking in with you guys. Glad to hear you had a great weekend. The pictures are great.

Please, let Zac know that I canned some more horseradish if he is interested. Also, I can receive calls but its hard to call anyone on my cell because my screen is not functioning right. If he gets a free moment some night have him call.

have a great day-

Matt Lingafelter