Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just visiting...

Well, we are back up in PICU. That didn't take long. Olivia didn't seem to snap out of her little pneumonia fit from this afternoon and started spiking a temp. We are hoping, however, that we are in for a short stay. Right now, she's fast asleep and actually looks great. She tends to go in spurts. One second she looks totally icky and the next second she's ready to play. Who knows. I'm thinking she caught wind of the fact that I was actually going to leave the house tonight to have some adult conversation at a home party with some friends in G-burg. Next time I get invited somewhere, I'm definitely not letting her in on it.
Anyway, Zac and I are here at the hospital and Grandma C. is with the big kids. If Olivia continues to progress like she has been since we got here, we really shouldn't be here for too long at all. She's on 2 liters of regular oxygen, they are giving her some IV fluids and IV antibiotics, and her x-ray doesn't look horrible. That all sounds promising.


Judy said...

My goodness, I actually go to bed early for once and look what I missed. I'm so sorry you guys are back in the hospital. I can only imagine how badly you wanted to avoid that place. Hopefully it will just be a quick stop-over! We'll be praying!