Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good Morning update

Olivia's doing well this morning. She had a great night. We were literally here about an hour and she snapped back to her old self. Her fever broke all on it's own (no tylenol or anything). She's actually a bit on the cool side today. She is on 3 antibiotics just to cover everything since she is known for getting sick so fast. I'm not sure how long the antibiotics have to run for her to get a full round of them. Two are IV meds, the other is oral. She does have MRSA, so we are in isolation for that (back in those nasty yellow gowns) and she is especially sleepy (probably just catching up from the night and lack of sleep yesterday). Other than that, all is well, I suppose. We'll wait to see what the docs want to do with her today.


Judy said...

Well that's a first!! A one night stay! WooHoo! We're smiling over here in Pa!