Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rainy weekend review.

Despite the tremendous amount of rain we had over the weekend, we really had a great, unusually relaxing weekend. Here are a few highlights:

1. Friday night, the big kids went to see the High School Musical 2 play in East Peoria with Grandpa and Grandma T. and their cousins. They all loved it - especially the two little ones. Then to the Morton Pumpkin Festival Parade on Saturday morning before coming back home.

2. The Bombers upset Orion on Saturday after being suspended due to lightning on Friday night. (Too rainy - the kids and I didn't attend. One of these days we hope to make a game!) Go Bombers!

3. The big kids spent most of the day Saturday playing in the rain. Jack built a dam in the street and had a blast doing so.

4. We attended Zac's cousins engagement party. They had rented a huge bouncer/slide and all the kids had an unbelievable time playing in it in the rain - couldn't have asked for a better night for it! Wish I'd had my camera and an extra change of clothes - I may have joined them!

5. Sunday - to church and home for a day of playing. I was even able to sneak in a nap in the afternoon! Olivia has a nasty cold and hasn't been sleeping well, which then leads to me not sleeping well. So, the nap was a much needed one.

And then came Monday. Jack woke up barking. Croup? He stayed home for the day, but within about an hour he was fine. I told him he should really go to school, but he was too afraid he may give a germ to a classmate. How considerate of him. I guess we'll consider it a personal day. I don't think he'll be spending much more time at home, though. By the end of the day he was so mad that he couldn't have the neighbor kids over. He didn't quite understand that. He wasn't sick anymore, after all. A direct quote, "Man. I can't do anything at all when I'm sick!" Stomp. Stomp. Stomp.

Olivia's cold seems to be getting worse instead of better. Her respiration's were up quite a bit last night and she was pretty crabby. I cranked up her oxygen a bit, which seemed to help and she's happy as a clam today. I'm taking her to the pediatrician this afternoon to make sure her lungs are still clear for my own peace of mind.

I'll keep you all posted on Olivia's little cold, but I'm fairly confident she'll get through this one on her own.


Anonymous said...

Olivia's picture is absolutely beautiful. I have always loved her eyes.
I hope Olivia got her peanut ball in the mail.
Keep that cold under control. We just want to see you on healthy visits.

Bethany, PICU

threekidchaos said...

What a great picture of a beautiful little girl! Hope Olivia's feeling better soon.