Monday, September 22, 2008

Pokey appointment...literally.

Livvy went to see the cardiac surgeon for an appointment today. We were to see him at 10:00 with labs before hand, so we arrived at 9:15. Labs were drawn, breakfast was eaten and we were in the office waiting room by 10:00!
Wait, wait, wait.
We waited for the lab results to come back, so we could discuss weaning some medications. Finally at about 11:15, the results were in! She had a great check-up. She was excited to see everyone. The doc was looking for one last lab result, which was no where to be found.
They didn't draw it.
Back to the lab.
During the lab draw, Olivia decided to stop bleeding. Should we poke again? Should we see if the lab will run the test without the full amount of blood? She's already been stuck twice, so we'll wait.
Wait, wait, wait.
Another hour passes and we get the approval that the lab was able to run the test and we were free to go.
All in all a great appointment, just a little pokey.


Judy said...

Good thing you're a stay-at-home mom! Honestly, what would you do if you weren't? How on earth would you have time to handle all of this? So glad you got a good report. I just shared the praise report that Olivia's leukemia is gone with our prayer partners at church and I've gotten lots of emails from people who have been praying for Olivia for two years, who were so encouraged to see what God has been doing in her life!