Thursday, September 18, 2008

My life in a nutshell.

The other day when I was experimenting on the blog, I decided to throw some "ads" on it. Apparently you are able to sign up to advertise and the blog will automatically take subjects from your postings and generate ads that have to do with things going on in your life. I've only noticed a couple of them at the very bottom of the blog. The first one - an ad about bone marrow transplants and the second, ads about pneumonia and asthma. Sure makes me feel like we have a really upbeat blog.
Anyway, Olivia is doing awesome. I have literally never seen her so happy. She's been giggling and is actually doing some very "two-year old things." I think she's going to have a bit of an ornery streak. The countdown is on - only 24 more hours of IV antibiotics and lack of sleep (I hope!) We seem to be doing alright. I thought I may lose my mind last night, but I was able to keep my sanity. We were home not even an hour and a half and all of a sudden Brooklyn thinks she is going to throw up. You've got to be kidding me. Olivia wants to be held, Jack won't do his homework, Zac is at school trying to catch up, Home Health is supposed to be coming any minute to teach me how to do the IV meds, and Brooklyn starts puking. I (gently) throw Olivia down and we sprint to the bathroom and she refuses to puke in the toilet. The sink looked much more appealing.
What's so wrong with the toilet? It's not where we brush our teeth every morning. It's easily flushable. It's not like she couldn't make it that far. Anyway, she looks at me and says she's all done and must have drank her chocolate milk too fast. She was off and running and there haven't been any episodes since. I'll take the chocolate milk theory. I call Zac to vent and see why life has to be so complicated, and his only concern...who's sink did she puke in? Don't worry, it wasn't yours sweetheart...
Gee. It sure will be interesting to see what ads this post generates.
Reflux? The Nesquik bunny? Bathroom remodeling? Insane asylums?
Have a happy Friday!