Sunday, September 7, 2008

The week in review...

Brooklyn started her second year of preschool on Wednesday. She's loving it. She's made a few new friends, and is hoping to learn their names sometime soon.
Jack started soccer yesterday. It's getting much better to watch. The kids actually pay attention to the game this year!It's kind of hard to tell in this picture, but Brooklyn is full of mud. Why you ask?
She, Jack and the neighbor kids picked all of Zac's new fall flowers and planted them in their own little wheelbarrow planter. What a mess! Today - it was mud fights. Yuck!

And, here's Olivia enjoying the weather in her new ice cream truck that she got for her birthday!

Okay, I promise I'm done posting for the night. I'll post tomorrow when we get home from the hospital. It probably won't be until later in the evening, unless something exciting comes from the bone marrow biopsy in the morning (we don't want anything exciting to come from it. so hope for a post later tomorrow). Have a good day - and again sorry for all the pictures, but it's about time I get these up!


Anonymous said...

So sorry about the mess and the flowers! I didn't realize that they had picked his flowers!! Ugh! I just knew that they came home a muddy mess. Cute pics of the birthday girl! I hope all goes well today.