Monday, September 29, 2008

Kiddo update.

I seriously feel as though I need to dedicate the entire day to blogging. I'm a little behind. I had to go through my pictures from the week to even remember what's been going on. I'll try to hit the highlights...
Jack's biggest news...Do you hear wedding bells? I got a call from a friend asking if I wanted to hear the latest first grade gossip. Now, understand that she doesn't even have a first grader, so this must be good. Apparently, Jack is getting married! Ugh. She just wanted to assure me that the bride-to-be comes from a really great family and that we should get along great. Gee, thanks. Good to know. Anyway, after talking with Jack about the big day, he denied it, of course. I stressed that there would be no vows being exchanged at school unless I received an invitation. I've been watching the mail. Nothing yet. Whew!
Brooklyn - no wedding plans, yet. She's loving school and has made three really good friends. She always looks beautiful and will make sure everyone agrees. It is absolutely hilarious, yet mind-boggling. I don't understand who and where she came from and it definitely makes me fear for the future.
Olivia - doing awesome! Her "cold" is officially gone. She is still getting really good at doing "two-year-old things." She's even been getting into trouble lately. I very sternly said "No, no!" to her the other day. She turned around, looked at me with a huge smile, and then started clapping. Not quite the reaction I had hoped for. Brooklyn immediately said, "Olivia, you are in trouble, but we still love you anyway, right, mommy?"
Olivia is going in for a repeat swallow study in Peoria on Wednesday afternoon. Apparently her symptoms from the pneumonia a couple of weeks ago were textbook for aspiration pneumonia, so we are going to try to rule that out.
I guess that's about it for an update on the kids! We had a huge, busy weekend that needs a post all of it's own, so stay tuned for that.


Anonymous said...

So great to hear all is well in the Chatterton household! Good luck and best wishes to you in your walk this weekend. We will be thinking about you..I'm sure it will be a wonderful day! Enjoy!
Jen Weber