Monday, September 8, 2008

Way to go, pumpkin!

Olivia did awesome this morning. Zac said he went in to today expecting the worst and hoping for the best. The best definitely won out! As strange as it sounds, it was awesome to be back up in the PICU this morning. It was fun for everyone to see Olivia "healthy." She is always so sick when she is up there, and today she was happy and playing and even reached out for one of the doctors to pick her up! The biopsy went very smoothly. They knocked her out with some drug that is completely out of your system within an hour. Right about at the hour point, she woke up clapping her hands and grabbing at her feet! Her pressures did drop a little bit while she was out, but nothing major. She was just really asleep. We also saw the cardiac surgeon and he was ecstatic with how well she is doing. I told him I really think he may have fixed her this time. We made a few medication changes and came on home. What an exciting day - the kind of excitement that we like!


Judy said...

What great news! I was praying!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome news!! I love the pictures. She looks soooo grown-up in her little ice cream truck. Keep up the good work, Olivia!


Judy said...

I just had to share: We got a call tonight from the National Marrow Donor Program Registry (Ryan's parents got a call too). Ryan and I both registered to be bone marrow donors back in 1999 while we were at Liberty U. Well, almost 10 years later they tracked Ryan down to tell him that he is a possible match! Because of your little pumpkin and because we've seen the difficult road that the Denton family is traveling (the little boy I told you about with M7 AML) neither of us have any hesitation about proceeding to find out if Ryan is the best match for this stranger! I've even found myself praying for this person that if Ry isn't the right match that they'll be able to find one. I just wanted to share that as another way that Olivia is making a difference in so many people's lives.
And to anyone reading this comment: Head on over to to find out how you can become a bone marrow donor too!

Pottymomma said...

So happy to hear today went well for youguys!

Anonymous said...

yay, Livs!! I'm sorry I missed your visit, but I'm glad you got to go home before I got to see you. All of us in the unit loved your Itsy Bitsy Spider, Liv. You are getting so big. Oh how time flies.

bethany RN, PICU