Thursday, October 16, 2008


***Warning*** If you are really into politics, you may want to skip this post, although it is kinda cute!

We were picking up Jack from school yesterday and started discussing what we would do when we got home. Jack pipes up from the back - let's take a vote just like we will be doing soon for a new president. I was impressed. I barely knew there was an election going on (see, I told you it might not be good to read this). Anyway, I thought I would continue on with the topic at hand...what else does he know about all this?

So, I ask the kids if they know who they would vote for.

Jack: I know. I know. But, I can't remember his name.
Mommy: Barack Obama or John McCain.
Jack: Barack Obama
Brooklyn: "Jim" McCain (apparently they are pretty tight - she has a nickname for him and everything)
Mommy: Do you know why you would vote for them to be our new president.
Jack: I would vote for Barack Obama because his first name starts with a "B" like Brooklyn and his other name starts with an "O" like Olivia.
Mommy: Well, that makes sense.
Brooklyn: I would vote for that other guy because I like candy.
Mommy: ???
Brooklyn: Those things at Christmas that are twisty are kinda like candy and I like candy.
Mommy: ???

After a few moments of silence, I finally get it. A candy "cane" - John Mc"Cain".

Mommy: That sounds like a good reason too, pumpkin.

How will I ever decide who to vote for? Hopefully this little debate helps if you were wavering between the two...


threekidchaos said...

I have 30+ blog posts sitting in my reader & I'm so glad I checked on yours. I so needed the laugh tonight. Maybe it's the lack of sleep or the stress is finally causing me to crack but Brooklyn's reason for voting for McCain "I like candy" had me crying from laughing. Quite possibly it's one of the best reasons I've heard to vote for McCain ;-)

Thanks for the laugh!

Lynn Lotz said...

I love the kids logic on voting. Maybe I will use it, or something like it, because this is one of those elections years where I don't like anyone!

Judy said...

That's hysterical! I love how their little minds work and this definitely had me laughing out loud!!

Pottymomma said...

That is too cute! Carlie told me she was going to vote for McCain because she couldn't say the other guy's name right. LOL

Anonymous said...

Yesterday you made me cry. Today I am laughing out loud. Too funny. Thanks for sharing.

Ellen Davis said...

As someone who lives in DC and has been living and breathing this election since...oh...about the time the last one ended, this was much-needed comic relief!