Friday, October 10, 2008

Surgery today...

Surgery is scheduled for 8 am. Zac, Olivia, and I are leaving in a few minutes to head on in. We stayed at mom and dad's last night because we have to be there at 6. The procedure is supposed to take 30 minutes or so. Recovery - about an hour. If all goes well, we could be out of there by the lunch hour. We're taking the computer with us, so I'll update when it's over as long as I can get an internet connection there!
I was told it's a very simple procedure, so we're praying for the best!!!


Judy said...

I'll tell you what - Olivia has quite a record of answered prayer in her life and I'm sure today will be no different! We rejoiced when Olivia turned one, and when she came home from the hosptial last Christmas Eve, and when you got the call that her AML was gone and lots of other times in between! I'm sure we'll be rejoicing in God's goodness again at the end of this day. In the meantime we'll be praying for all the doctor's and nurses involved and we'll be praying that you guys will have peace while you wait! We're all thinking about you!