Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Home again.

Well, we got home about 1:30 - not too bad. Olivia is really excited to be home. She is still really, really junky and working pretty hard when breathing. But she is happy and playing and that is a huge indication that she is doing okay. We are praying with all our might that she is able to beat this on her own at home and we don't have to go back. Her numbers aren't great and she is requiring quite a bit more oxygen, but as of right now, these are all things we can do here at home. She just needs to continue to improve. She has very little energy and crawling across the room takes a whole lot out of her. So, for tonight, we are going to try to keep things calm and hope for the best!
It sure is good to be home. Even being gone for just 2 days, I feel like we missed so much. It was fun to hear about the last few days of school and all the things around here that the kids did with Grandma. Hopefully we continue to stay here!


Anonymous said...

Julie and Family,
We will continue to be saying many extra prayers so that Olivia can beat this on her own!
Jen Weber

Amanda said...

I can't believe all the good stuff I have missed not checking your blog! From the Halloween costume to the hair curlers to the Beautiful Christmas dress! You are such a good mom! I am glad Olivia is home. I will pray for her strength to return! I will be ready when she is! Amanda