Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I had to post this picture of Olivia hanging out watching TV. She's definitely feeling better!

So, last night it was getting a little confusing with Olivia's care. She was admitted to OSF under the care of doctors and residents from the Children's Hospital. I requested a consult with the PICU doctors who are under the U of I doctors and they have their own residents when you are admitted for medical as opposed to cardiac. Needless to say, there were a lot of doctors in and out of here each having their own thoughts and opinions. This morning, our PICU doctor transferred Olivia to his care to make things easier! Thank goodness...I was getting so confused!
Anyway, Olivia is doing AWESOME! I got a couple of giggles out of her earlier, she is off of high flow (in record time, for her) and on 3 liters off the wall. She can eat! She just snarfed down 6 ounces and could have gone for some more. The doctor said that if she can get down to 2 liters and hold her own, we might be able to go home tomorrow! I love the fact that she is getting so much stronger and she is able to handle these things is a much better fashion than the "old Olivia." Keep you posted...


threekidchaos said...

It's so great to hear Olivia's making progress. Maybe you were boring her at home & she needed a little pampering?

I'm glad you ordered Bananagrams. You'll love it! It's a fast game & Jack can probably count it as reading minutes. I might suggest the book Scrabble Word Builder as a good companion to the game.

Hope to see you at pick up tomorrow!

Judy said...

Wow, she looks good!! Crossing our fingers that she'll come home tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Olivia!
We're sending many prayers that you can go home tomorrow!
Jen Weber