Monday, December 8, 2008

'Tis the season

Last night at the Christmas party



Olivia's in the hospital. She woke up yesterday morning with a fever. I gave her some Tylenol and that took care of it. She seemed to be much better as the day progressed. So much better that we decided she could go to the Christmas party and Grandpa and Grandma's church. She took a turn for the worse and we took her in to the ER in Macomb about 9:00 last night
Not feeling so hot...

The actually admitted us to the hospital in Macomb. We've never done this before - always straight to Peoria. She made it there until about 4:30 this morning and they called in the doctor. She sent us to Peoria by ambulance and we were checked in here around 10:00. We are in the Intermediate unit right now and things are going well. Olivia's on high flow oxygen (7 liter at 100% for those who like to keep track). Everyone is thinking virus, but we'll see what the labs and xray show.

Today...feeling really icky.

We'll keep you posted... Thanks for any extra prayers and simple thoughts. We really appreciate them!


Anonymous said...

Oh Julie! We will be sending double/triple the prayers your way!!!!!!! Hope you can feel them!
Jen Weber

Judy said...

Darn it! I'm so sorry! I was really hoping you were going to have a great December with no hospital visits! However, I'm glad you're back in familiar territory where you feel comfortable and where everyone knows Olivia! Very cute pictures of her from the Christmas party! We will pray that this will just be a quick visit and that you'll be home soon. Very soon! Praying for you too Julie! You must be exhausted!