Thursday, December 18, 2008

The newest addition...

We've added another problem to Olivia's list of medical issues. She now has allergies. Go figure. In the big scheme of things, obviously it's not a big deal. It's just annoying. I'm sure it's the Christmas tree since she's never had any issues before. It really just started over the past weekend. Her eyes have been really puffy and at her pediatrician appointment this week it was decided it must be allergies. So, two new medications - eye drops and Claritin.
We are also going to take her back to Peoria for another swallow study in January sometime. I don't think she is quite ready, but because of her rapid weight gain, it would be better to get her off her high calorie diet. She's up to a whopping 28 pounds. She's really been around 28 for a while now, but the last weight at the dr.'s office was 22 pounds in September, so it looks pretty drastic on the charts.
She might start seeing a pulmonologist, too. The pediatrician is going to look into this and get a feel about it from the cardiologist. She has had so many lung issues that she thought it would be a good idea. Her main problem is her pulmonary hypertension, but that is cardiac related, so the cardiologists deal with that. But, the fact that she is still on oxygen, has had so many respiratory illnesses, and has such scarred lungs, it's probably time to get a lung experts opinion. We'll see where that goes.
Otherwise, all is well. Brooklyn is officially on winter vacation. She's had her school program and did a wonderful job as an angel. Jack may be on vacation if this winter storm hits like they keep saying. We signed up for treats for Jack's class, which I felt like I needed to get done just in case there is school. Let's just say, if it does hit, we are going to be eating a whole lot of snowman cupcakes for Christmas! Olivia is feeling much better - just a nasty sounding cough and a little upper airway junky noise. She is only allowed to leave the house to take the kids to and from school. All other times, she is quarantined to the house!