Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas break

I'm taking a little break from blogging about Christmas. I had a weird day today. I spent the morning scrubbing the hallway this morning. I usually just use my Swiffer, but decided I'd go all out and actually scrub it. So, when I got bored with that, I ran out to the store. I was gone for about an hour. I came home, put away the groceries and went to do some stuff on the computer. I look down and see muddy footprints all the way down my nice, clean hallway. I immediately call Zac to see if he had come home. Nope. I call the garage door company to see if they had been over (they are working on the garage). Nope. I call the neighbor to see if she saw anyone. No one was home. I call my brother-in-law to see if he had been by. Nope.
By this point, I'm freaking out. I left and sat in my car with the doors locked in the driveway because I had to be here to get Brooklyn off the bus.
Zac was in the middle of a meeting, so my bro-in-law came and secured the premises. We both decided we could see the footprints leave the house and see where they ended and got into the car. This put me a little bit at ease, but not completely. I mean, someone was obviously in our house without permission. So, Zac came home after his meeting and before reporting this suspicious event, he went down to the construction workers down the road to see if they by any chance had "gotten the wrong house." Sure enough, they did. They were putting some granite into a house at another dead end and happened to think it was our house. Freaky. I guess the guy was extremely apologetic and very grateful that we checked around before calling the police. I was relieved that we found out who it was. Anyway, just a weird, unsettling day. I have, however, learned my lesson. We'll have to start locking our door. So, a very heartfelt apology to all those would-be robbers. You won't be getting in here!


Judy said...

Wow, sounds like you were pretty calm about it. I would have been calling 911 ASAP! I'm glad you stayed calm and figured it out! But that certainly made for an exciting day!!!

Peoria Peepers said...