Monday, January 18, 2010


I really don't care for a select few of the State of Illinois workers. If you remember this post, you'll have some of the background to it. I had called and gotten everything taken care of. Or so I thought. The All Kids program (which I feel very fortunate to have had for Olivia) has continued to send a overdue statement for $80. I realize that's not a huge amount, but it's for the June and July premiums. Olivia was not here, so I don't feel as if we should have to pay that. Anyway, I tried to call on Thursday and after about 10 minutes of automated operators, I was connected to a real, honest to goodness person. However, no case workers were available to take my call. Someone would have to call me back.

I didn't hear from anyone, so Friday afternoon, I called again. Same stuff, only this time, the operator wasn't so nice. She said no one was available. Someone would return my call. The rest of the conversation went something like this:

Me: Ma'am, someone was supposed to call me back yesterday and I haven't heard from anyone.

Not so nice lady: Our case workers have 48 hours to return phone calls. Besides it would show up as a private caller, blocked call, or unknown caller.

Me: Okay. Well I did happen to check my caller ID and there were only numbers I recognized, so still, no one called me back. I wasn't aware of the 48 hour time frame, but could I please hold.

Not so nice lady (in a very snooty voice): What about the other 30 people waiting to have their calls returned? Can I have your number and have someone call you back.

Me: Um. Okay.

I proceeded to give her my info, completely in shock that she spoke to me that way. I actually started crying, however there's no way I gave her the satisfaction of knowing that.

Me: I'd really like to get this matter taken care of. Are you sure there is no way I can hold?

Her: This is a switchboard. It's not possible. Thank you.


So, I still haven't talked to anyone, which is fine. I'm sure they'll call tomorrow. It just gripes me to no end that I was treated this way. This woman had no idea of our circumstances, and even so, I had no expectation to be treated any differently than any other person that called in to their office. I really would like to think that this lady was just having a bad day and I caught her at a bad moment, but I can't help but think that I was treated this way because of the stigma of those using the All Kids program. Most are probably lower income families, but regardless of any of the circumstances, there is no reason someone should talk to another person that way.

So, upon the suggestion of others, I am hoping to get up the nerve to call our state rep tomorrow and file a complaint against operator Veronica.

Oh, and we're also getting bills that All Kids denied from last year saying Olivia wasn't it sounds like my battle is just beginning. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

A certified letter (with return receipt requested)to the head of All Kids or DHS describing this ridiculous error and process, might get you some results...or maybe not. :( Also, I think DHS has "satellite offices" around the state (these offices hand out the AllKids applications and help people apply, so they must have some better direct phone numbers to people who can correct this, right???)...Maybe a visit to an office where you can actually sit down with a human and discuss this frustrating, frustrating circumstance would result in that human CALLING THEIR OWN OFFICE FOR YOU to get this ridiculous error corrected without any more time/effort/grief on your end. I'M SO MAD AT THEM FOR YOU! Wanna take a roadtrip to Springfield and see what we can stir up????? Call me and I'll clear my schedule!:) Seriously...this is absurd! I can only hope that once this is resolved that SOMEONE feels really sorry for what they put you through...wishful thinking????

Keep us posted if you get anywhere!
Laura S.

Heather said...


That was very unprofessional - I worked for a call center many moons ago and if we had talked to "customers" in that matter, we would have been fired.

I can only imagine your frustration...we deal with it often with our insurance company. It seems when they are wanting something, they are on top of things but man, if YOU need must be VERY VERY VERY patient. :(

Crystal Montgomery said...

I have to agree that the All Kids program is a Godsend but also a giant pain in the rear too. We have it for Izzy and I do feel like we are looked down upon like a free loader. Don't get me started about the Social Security...really any goverment assistance program sucks. It sucks that we need them and they know it. I hope someone gets their head on straight and fix this for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Do not hesitate to call your State Rep or Senator. We actually had ours talk to some students and they commented the majority of their time is spent helping those they serve handle these type of issues. You shouldn't have to fight this battle.

Anonymous said...

Even though we have never met, I feel like I know you! My husband knows Zac through work and I know Suzanne...
I totally understand...Our kids have All Kids insurance because of the adoptions being from another state and the issues the kids have, and I get the same feeling...Call your rep./senator...We are planning to make a LONG list of things they need to be aware of..Hang in there!
Mary Genandt