Monday, January 25, 2010

The dentist

Poor Brooklyn. She has the worst teeth. According to the dentist, it's genetic. I beg to differ, unless it skips a generation. I'm going more with the theory of all the sugar she eats.

I took her in to have a cavity filled on Wednesday morning, and after a quick exam, there was only one little tooth that isn't going to need some sort of attention. Poor thing. They gave her the laughing gas, numbed her up, yanked a tooth, and put a "princess crown" on another. We've said she is going to be the most decorated, shiny princess around here before too long. It was very traumatic for both of us because we didn't know exactly what she was having done, and the outcome wasn't even in the ballpark. She went back today for her third "princess crown."
She opted to try today's visit with no laughing gas. Bad idea. Bad, bad idea. We set up two more appointments and hopefully that takes care of things for now.

The good points:

-No more pain (at least for now)

-She got some lip gloss for being so brave (She was really, really brave)

-The Tooth Fairy came (although he was a male and kind of skimped on the prize my personal opinion. I mean, this was a molar and it did have to be yanked out of there)

-We actually have dental insurance these days (The first "princess crown" was on us)


Judy said...

Ugh...I hate the dentist. Hate it even more when it involves kids. I think Ryan and I are both still traumatized from the tooth Christian had pulled when he was two. Hopefully that's the end of our problems with him, but now our little princess (who isn't even two) has some issues. And we had to learn the dental insurance thing the hard way too. Christian's first dentist visit cost us over $500.
I'm so sorry Brooklyn has to go through all of this. I'm sure it was miserable for you too :(

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn-souds like you were a brave girl at the dentist! Bet your mouth will feel much better soon! And it is now very "princess-y" to boot!
Laura S.