Monday, January 4, 2010

The Leg Lamp

We started out our Christmases on the 20th of December, celebrating with the immediate Chatterton side. This would include Zac's parent's, sister's family, grandma, and us. Amy and Chris hosted again this year, which was a nice halfway point for all of us. We had a great time and the number of gifts was a little overwhelming for all of us. Don't worry, though. We handled it just fine!

Jack was super excited about his first K'Nex set. He got a some motorized madness ball drop thingy, and I can tell you that it did cause some madness in this house. He asked for me to work on putting it together for him while he was at school. Oh. My. Gosh. It took two days and may have even caused some blisters in the process. It is really cool and he does really love it, but it's recommended age of 9+ should definitely be changed to 30+ (if not higher).

Brooklyn got 2 Christmas dresses for her American Girl doll, Elizabeth. She was happy with that, and has also been making lots of bracelets for her friends and family with her 800+ bead set she got. That's a lot of little beads all over the house!

Zac had an early Christmas from his parents by picking out some new suits. Boring to some, yes. Necessary for him, yes.

That leaves me. You know the reaction of the dad on The Christmas Story movie when he opens up his package and gets that awesome leg lamp. Well, this is my leg lamp:

I almost put it in the window for a picture, but decided it wouldn't do it justice. It's the Keurig coffee pot I've been wanting forever. One of those things I would never, ever buy for myself. It makes tea, coffee, hot chocolate...all in less than a minute! I LOVE it! I got lots of other fun stuff, too, but this gift definitely takes the cake!


Anonymous said...

i got one too!!!! love it soooo much!!! Wendy

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got what was on your list. yay!!!


Claire said...

yay! I love the look of that machine!


Anonymous said...

I got one for my birthday.... The Best ever!!!! Enjoy.... don't overdo the caffine... its hard not to do with the variety!!!!

Much Love,
Ann N.

Judy said...

My parents got one. My sister got one. And my brother got one for Christmas! What are we? Chopped liver?

Oh that's right...I don't care b/c I don't like tea or coffee. But Ryan would sure love one! And they do look super fancy :) Hope it makes a cheery morning for you everyday!