Friday, January 30, 2009

Biopsy done

Dr. Al just came in and said he was successful with his bone marrow aspiration and will let us know as soon as he knows anything. It should be a couple of hours. She handled it well with lots of sedation. She is still sleeping and requiring a bit more oxygen (4L). As she wakes up, she should be able to get back down to where she was this morning. She is going to get some platelets today while we await the results.
Dr. Al did say that if the results don't show anything, we should be able to go home. If they do show leukemia, we will stay and most likely get a central line put in sometime in the next couple of days and start planning treatments. Back in May, we talked about low dose chemo and conventional chemo. Low dose tries to slowly suppress the cancer and the conventional is rough, but holds a better chance of knocking out the cancer. He said we would go with the conventional method because her heart function is good. That's the blessing least she's "healthy" and strong this time.


Crystal Montgomery said...

Praying for health for Olivia and strength for you guys.

Judy said...

Keep the updates coming! I'm glad she had a good night and that the bone marrow aspirate went well. I hope she wakes up a happy girl! Miss Olivia has been on my heart and mind all day. I was walking around Sams Club and driving in the car just praying for her! She's a tough cookie and I know that God's hand is on her life no matter the outcome today!

Judy said...

It's me again. I just had to share this perfect verse for our Olivia girl:

Isaiah 43:1
"But now,says the LORD, your Creator, And He who formed you, Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name ; you are Mine!"

Anonymous said...

Praying for good results on the bone marrow bx. Hang in there. Kay

Leesa Palmer said...

We are saying our prayers for Olivia.