Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow Day!

Due to the inclement weather, we haven't been driving to Peoria! This is definitely working in our favor. We did go to the pediatrician's office yesterday and today to have Olivia's INR drawn and they got a 1.5 yesterday and 1.9 today. So, we are working our way back up, which is good (as long as that is accurate). We'll have one drawn again tomorrow and check on our home machine now that I have a few strips again. Hopefully they are close so we know we are getting a somewhat accurate reading. Then, to Peoria on Tuesday to compare and repeat her swallow study! What fun.
Also, due to the frigid, freezing weather, there was no school today and no school tomorrow. As much as I want to make snow days fun, it always seems to be a day of fighting and fussing. Zac still has to work on snow days, so from sun-up to sundown, it's a constant "when is daddy going to be home?" Looks like I need to be more exciting.
Otherwise, it's nice to have things back to "normal" around here. Now we just need some warmer weather.