Sunday, May 17, 2009

The house

Here it is! Brooklyn and I drove by this morning and took a picture of it. It will be easier to describe things once we get into it, but here's a breakdown:
The room above the garage is going to be the toyroom, the two windows on top belong to Jack's room, the one window is the kids' bathroom, and the two windows on the bottom right belong to Olivia's room.
Brooklyn's room looks over the neighbor's house and our room looks into the back yard. I love the fact that the laundry room is upstairs, so I may actually keep up with it.
Anyway, like I said, it will be better to see pictures when we actually get in to the house.
Olivia is having a good day today. She got a little blood, some platelets, a couple new medications, and weaned down on a couple of meds.
Brooklyn and I spent the morning going window shopping for all the stuff we would want in our new house if we had all the money in the world. She picked out the colors she wants in her room - mustard yellow and pink. (we're discussing this). We made quite a list! She also made her birthday list we is pretty extensive, as well.
The boys are at Six Flags in St. Louis today. The seniors go the day after prom every year, and Zac has to chaperone. He took Jack and one of his friends sounds like they are having a good time. They called from the top of the Ferris Wheel!
All in all-a good weekend!


Sarah Joy said...

Love the house picture! So excited about that for you:)

The Malcolm Family said...

I love the house!!! It is beautiful!! How exciting for you. I hope that Olivia has a good day!!!

Heather said...

How exciting! :) If you need help moving...scream. Best wishes...

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful house, congrats
Angie, RN