Monday, May 18, 2009

Out of sorts.

Olivia had a really good, uneventful night, and is continuing on with that today! She's been awake and seems very content while she's awake. She keeps bopping herself in the eye with her arm, and she's actually starting to get a black eye from it. No big changes...just staying the course!
I'm going back to Macomb tonight. The in-laws are heading to Florida and I have to go back and remember how to cook, clean, parent, etc... for a few days. I'm definitely going to be feeling out of sorts, but it will be nice to sleep in my own bed (maybe). It depends how many people join me.
I'll be back to Peoria on Thursday morning, so Olivia really needs to cooperate until then (and beyond, but especially over the next few days).
I went to pick out our countertops today. Fun, will be carpeting. It will be great to see it all come together!


Claire said...

Praying for you all, as ever.


Judy said...

The house looks fabulous! It sounds like you're having fun getting ready for the big move. I guess the next few days will be a practice run of the "real life" you're going to get to have again once you move and Olivia gets to come home! Now that will be an exciting day. I pray all the time that you guys will get to be under the same roof again. Enjoy the change of pace over the next few days!