Monday, May 4, 2009

New and Improved.

Olivia has her special order-custom made trach in! They changed it out about an hour ago here in the room and it went very smoothly. Technically, she could start waking up, however, she's having some significant bleeding problems from her arterial line in her groin, and a bit of oozing from her trach site. It may be better to give her some time to form clots before she wakes up with a vengeance.
She's also been very ornery with her blood pressures, heart rate, and oxygen saturations this morning (Surprise, surprise). She's spiked a couple of good temps, but they've come down fairly quickly, too. She actually seems to be behaving at the present moment...we'll hope she continues with this for the afternoon!
Keep you posted...


Anonymous said...

Yea, her new trach. Cant wait to see pictures of her awake with her new trach.

Hope she is able to wake up tomorrow!!!

Angie RN

Judy said...

Yay!! One step closer to home! So I wonder how much a custom made trach costs?? I think you're girl is probably becoming the 5 million dollar baby by now :) although we think she's priceless!! Okay, this is starting to sound like a Mastercard commercial! Ha!