Friday, May 8, 2009

Today might just be the day...

Wait I already said that yesterday, didn't I?
Anyway, today might really be the day. Of course, it will be because I'm going to be in Macomb! Jack has Parent's Day at school today, so I'm heading back so Zac and I can take Jack out to lunch! I'm hoping they turn off the paralytic and it takes at least 10 hours or so to get out of her system so I can be here when she opens her beautiful eyes!
Dr. Fortuna was able to switch out her arterial line in her groin instead of putting one in her wrist. That should make her happier. This way she will have use of her hands. We just need to keep that art line from bleeding. Her platelets were 19,000 yesterday, but with the bleeding, they decided to tank her up. So, this morning, they are a whopping 19,000. Again.
She also got some blood (since she got rid of a lot of her own yesterday). Otherwise, all is well. She's resting comfortably listening to my, I mean her, favorite CD!
Praying for a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hope u have a great day with Jack, and I really hope that Olivia will be able to wake up today. Good Luck Olivia, keep up the good work, and hope to be able to see u awake this weekend. Just wondering if Brooklyn would like to join Gracey, Zavier and I on our trip to the peoria zoo. Our plan is either the 19 or 21 of this month. Jack is more than welcome too, if he is done with school. We have a membership, so we can bring a guest each time for free. Gracey would love to have a friend join her to play at the park. Just call me or call up to mom/baby unit this weekend I will be there.


Judy said...

Have fun with Jack! I hope it's a sunny day there like it is here! I hope today is the day that you get to see Olivia's beautiful eyes!!

The Malcolm Family said...

I hope you have a nice weekend and that you get to see Olivia's beautiful eyes soon!! Praying everything goes well.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your day with Jack! We are praying that Olivia is able to wake up today!! :-)