Thursday, May 14, 2009

Not much new.

We decided to try to keep things a little less dramatic today. No more house purchases. No more acting up from Olivia. That kind of stuff.
Olivia is having a really good day, again. They lifted the paralytic yesterday afternoon and she's been awake a couple of times today. She is fairly comfortable when she is awake. It's been for very short periods of time, which I think is good. She needs to recuperate from the week before she decides to start dancing around.
She did receive some blood this morning because her hemoglobin had dropped. The dopamine is off and they are working on the vasopressin now. If that comes down, they'll move on to the epinephrine. No one is touching the sedation medication, which is fine with me (not that my opinion matter ;o)
Otherwise, all is well! I am working on a rather interesting and crazy post. Hopefully, I'll be done with it today, so check back!