Thursday, May 14, 2009

Interesting tidbits...

I saw on another blog, that a family documented what exactly their little girl had been through in her first year of life. It was interesting to read it all at one time. So, I thought I would try to rack my brain and do the same thing. The list kept growing and growing. It's completely mind boggling to me how unbelievably tough our little cookie is. Check this out:

Since she was born, Olivia has had:

3 open heart surgeries

1 thoracic heart surgery

2 cardiac catheterizations

1 mitral valve replacement

1 lung scan

2 CT scans

4 swallow studies

20+ blood transfusions

50+ platelet transfusions

1 mediport insertion

1 mediport removal

2 broviacs

ear tubes

7 bone marrow biopsies

1 tracheostomy

1 g-tube

a fever as high as 106.7

6 Life Flight trips

2 ambulance rides

2 hours on the general pediatric floor at OSF.

15 hours on the pediatric floor at McDonough District Hospital

approximately 32 days on the Pediatric Intermediate Care floor at OSF

and around 366 whopping days in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at OSF (and counting)

and over $5,000,000 in medical bills (from OSF alone) since birth - this one blew my mind!

How crazy is that! And just think of the things I'm missing! I'll have to update this as I remember and as new things occur. It's interesting to add it all up. It just shows how amazing Olivia is.


Claire said...

Oh man. She's such a brave girl!


Judy said...

Whew...bless her heart (literally)!! She is an amazing little girl!

Anonymous said...

And thousands of people who have been blessed by knowing her and/or her story. We love you Livvy! Grandma and Grandpa C.