Saturday, April 19, 2008

Afternoon update

Olivia is still hanging in there. There was quite a mishap that was discovered today. Somehow there was a computer/nursing glitch and all of Olivia's medications weren't recorded upon admission. She has missed 3 of her main medications since we've been here and it has caused this setback. This has been very hard to swallow for us, but we totally understand that mistakes happen. It's something that they are working on correcting and she'll be fine once her body gets adjusted. It's always good to have an explanation when things start to go downhill, but to know that we're at a place now that we wouldn't have to be is definitely not fun.
Anyway, she'll be fine and the doctors and nurses will fix her. They always do. Please just pray that we can continue with our patience and understanding that we've always tried to have to help Olivia get through these things. We have always been able to be so strong with everything. Today's just been a hard day with a lack of important communication. I think we are all on the same page with everything now and things should start looking up!


Amy said...

Gosh it must be hard dealing with miscommunication - especially when good communication could have spared Olivia from a lot of this. I feel frustrated, and I'm not even there!!! Anyway, we haven't stopped praying! Judy is away this weekend, but every time you post something new, I'm calling her and updating her! She asked me to, so that she could pray. I'm glad for your internet access at the hospital too!! Thanks for keeping everybody posted - no way that I'm going to get sick of you:)