Monday, April 21, 2008

Bone marrow results

Dr. Al. from hematology came up and shared some of the results from the biopsy. I didn't speak with him personally. My mom talked with him and relayed this info to me.
He is fine with the platelet count, but wants to get to the bottom of the hemoglobin problem. So, here are his thoughts as to what the possibilities are:
1. There is friction on the cells from a surgery.
2. There are some abnormal cells (I was under the impression that her cells were not abnormal, but I'll have to discuss this with them)
3. The inside of some of the cells are abnormal.
It's my understanding that the treatment of any of these would be frequent blood transfusions. Also, there is a test they've been wanting to do, but there has not been enough time between transfusions to do it. The test would be able to give them a bit more information. Hopefully we can go a couple of months without any transfusions, and then they should be able to do this.

Otherwise, it's still up in the air about the cause of her current symptoms and what to do to treat them. Once all the doctors are able to get together and form a game plan, a decision should be made. It will be interesting to see what they all come up with!

Olivia has definitely slowed down on the breathing and is doing a bit better. She was awake for about 5 minutes and actually considered playing and seemed alert and aware of her surroundings. We pray things continue to move in this direction.